Volunteering with the Mission

The Mission is always in need of volunteers to help children needing assistance with math, language arts, science and social studies homework. We welcome adults as well as college, high school and middle school students. Volunteering with the Mission is an excellent option for community service hours required by school organizations. We are happy to sign off on club forms verifying hours worked.

No prior experience is required - simply a willingness to spend time with some great kids.

What does a Mission volunteer do?

Each afternoon, the children are picked up from school with the Mission's big white bus. Upon arrival, the students enjoy fun recreational activities to blow off some steam and get the wiggles out before settling down. After some playtime, the children have a healthy snack then are ready for homework to begin - usually around 3:45.

The children as grouped in rooms within the Children's Ministry area by grade. You will be assigned to a particular grade so that you may develop a familiarity with the children but occasionally, we may need to shift volunteers to other grades so we ask for your flexibility.

Your job is to work with students to complete their daily assignments or in groups to practice the key concepts of the day's work. You'll work with the children needing assistance with math, language arts, science and social studies homework. Most of them already know the material but seek a little extra encouragement and affirmation. Please do not 'give' them the answers and please do not let them copy from their neighbor.

The kids are full of energy so you may need to remind them to focus on their assignments. Math and word games are available after their homework is done. Or, some children may want to read.

Working together with you, the kids truly find new confidence in themselves and see their grades progressively improve. You are making a difference!


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